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The VO Place provides any format of subtitles and captioning (open and closed) for digital or analog. We provide the clear and concise subtitling that gives your project a first class professional look.

Typically a commercial or infomercial that is 60 or 30 minutes long can be completed by us with a turnaround time of 72 hours. If you require Closed Captioning to adhere to FCC rules and regulations we can help.

Please note that subtitling can be done in two different forms, such as “Superimposing Subtitles on Video” and “DVD Subtitling”.  It is recommended that you double check and confirm your clients expectations.

Superimposing Subtitles on Video

“Video Subtitling”, “burning titles on to screen”, “character generator subtitling”, these have the same meaning as superimposing. When choosing this method of subtitling it is important to note that subtitles CAN NOT be turned off. This was the first generation of subtitling which means that it is considered to be an older form of technology.


  • This could be useful if you have a client whom may not be familiar with working the subtitle menu on their DVD player.
  • You would like the client to be able to put the media in the player to play the subtitle automatically.


  • You will not be able to turn the subtitles off.

It is also important to note that although the subtitles are forever stuck on the screen, we can still put your material on DVD, HD, Blu Ray, Beta SP or whatever format you may prefer.

DVD Subtitling

DVD Subtitling is a newer form of subtitling that allows you to turn the subtitles on or off as needed. We are one of the selected few companies that offer these services. DVD Subtitling is only meant to be used on a DVD and it allows multiple subtitle tracks for one DVD/Film.

It is important to speak with your client to determine the authoring phase because this can be very confusing. You should make sure to find out if your client is doing the “authoring” (the process of creating the menu, linking the video, subtitle tracks and audio tracks together). If your client is not able to do the authoring The VO Place can get the job done. If your client is choosing to do the authoring themselves, please make sure to ask them about the authoring system that they are going to be using.

When a subtitle job is done at The VO Place it will be done by a subtitling technician in their native language. When your project is completed it is reviewed by a language officer for accuracy.


To see how we can service your subtitling needs, please feel free to give us a call at 1.843.855.6601 or submit an e-mail to us by clicking here.