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Often you hear people state “Oh, you have a good voice you should do narrations or TV commercials”. Being a voice over professional takes more than having a good voice. Here at The VO Place we understand that it takes trained professionals for this line of work. All of our voice talent are native speakers and have been through a thorough screening process. Our voice over database has the industry’s top-talent which is key when trying to get your message across.

We should be called the All knowing VO Place, because we do it all from commercials, TV/Radio, training videos, narrations and singing. Do you have customers that are on hold and need to let them know that you are experiencing a higher than usual call volume. Well we can do that too! This will deepen your customer relationships and let them know that you are committed to delivering them service.

The VO Place can get your job done in English or any of the foreign languages that are listed below.

State of the Art Facility
With our facility you can expect nothing but Hollywood sound quality. Below is the equipment that is used throughout our facility, this equipment allows us to specialize in post-production and localization work.

1. Multiple sounds booths for localization production.
2. Multiple LCD monitors in each booth for lip-sync
3. Mackie Consoles
4. AT, Senheiser, Shur, AKG, and Rhode microphone
5. Pro Tools/Vegas/Logic
6. Different Effects Processors

Voice Recording Deliverables
At The VO Place you can use one of our FTP servers or if you prefer we can return the CD/DVD to you in the mail. Our staff can produce pretty much any type of format (e.g. WAV or AIF at 44/16-bit – 22/16-bit, any MP3 format, just let us know!).

Do you need DVD authoring for training or your clients? The VO Place can get it done, contact us at 1.843.855.6601 or submit a question through e-mail by clicking here.

Languages we work in

Aboriginal Languages of Australia Georgian Oriya
Afrikaans German Oromo
Albanian Greek Papuan Languages
Amharic Guarani Pashto
Arabic (Egyptian) Gujarati Punjabi
Arabic (Levantine) Haitian Creole Polish
Arabic (Modern Standard) Hausa Portuguese
Arabic (Moroccan) Hawaiian Quechua
Aramaic Hawaiian Creole Quiche
Armenian Hebrew Romanian
Assamese Hindi Romany
Aymara Hungarian Russian
Azerbaijani Icelandic Sanskrit
Bahasa Indonesia Ilokano Serbian
Bahasa Melayu Inuit Slovak
Balochi Irish Slovenian
Basque Italian Somali
Bislama Japanese Spanish (for Spain or LA)
Belarusian Javanese Swahili
Bengali Kannada Swedish
Berber Kazakh Tagalog
Bosnian Khmer Tajik
Bulgarian Korean Tamil
Burmese Kyrgyz Telugu
Catalan Kurdi Thai
Cantonese Lakota Tibetan
Cebuano Lao Tok Pisin
Cherokee Latin Turkish
Chinook Jargon Latvian Turkmen
Croatian Lithuanian Ukrainian
Czech Macedonian Urdu
Danish Malagasy Uyghur
Dari Malayalam Uzbek
Dutch Mandarin Vietnamese
Egyptian Marathi Welsh
English Mongolian Xhosa
Esperanto Nahuatl Yiddish
Estonian Navajo Yoruba
Farsi Nepali Yucatec Maya
Finnish Norwegian Zapotec
French Ojibwa Zulu